Our  workshops start at 11.00 am, secure your place by contacting Gene How.

The full cost of the workshop will be required when booking a place.

Members have first choice of workshop places and one month before, non-members 

may book onto available places. Email us via the website if you need to contact Gene.


13/05/17 Natural Dyeing Workshop using Scottish Dyes to be 

                          presented by Carole Keepax, with a lunchtime talk on 

                          "Colours of Scotland: Dyeing Traditions"

You will need to bring:

· Apron and rubber or latex gloves, stout footwear

· A few microwaveable plastic containers (could be from take-outs)

· Empty plastic water bottle (e.g. 500ml - 75cl), with a nozzle is good

· Fine permanent marker

· A few small plastic bags for damp samples

· Something to put A4 notes and samples in

· Notebook and pen  (or preferred recording method!)

· Scissors

· Old saucepan, small, preferably stainless steel with a lid (no longer required for
cooking) and an old metal dessert/table spoon

· Jam jar or similar with string fastened securely around top with a string handle,
so that it can be safely lifted

· Old measuring jug/ plastic bowl smaller than washing up size

· A fine plastic sieve such as used for flour

· Any other favourite dye equipment that you think you might use

Teas: Ailsa Watson, Terri Ainley

10/06/17                       Skill Share- Simple Weaving

Teas: Frances McKay, Ruth Robinson

24/06-25/06             Woolfest, Cockermouth, Cumbria      www.woolfest.co.uk

08/07/17                      Guild Outing to Linton Tweeds, Carlisle

05/08/17                Dumfries & Lockerbie Agricultural Show, Park Farm, Dumfries

19/08/17                Broughton Gathering, Broughton Village Hall         Admission £2

09/09-10/09/17      Silk and the Silk Worm talk 

                         Silk Spinning with Sue Hiley Harris One and a half day workshop

                         NB in Cumberland Street centre Sunday

Teas: Fiona Gorman, Wilse Laurie

14/10/17               Gathering with an exhibition of our work for the 

                       2017 Challenge, Scotland:Land Light Life

                             Demonstrations, Suppliers, Guild Sales Table, Raffle     Admission £1

                                          Georgetown Hall

11/11                  Domestic Workshop 

Teas: Julia Higgins, Sylvia Ashton    

09/12                  Christmas Party and Show of Work

                            Buffet lunch, please bring food to share, everyone brings food for one


13/01/18            Exotics (Spinning) Workshop with Sue McNiven

Teas: Kathleen Stuart, Betty Tindal



10/02/18              A.G.M. and talk by Valerie Reilly on 

                           The History of the Paisley Shawl

Teas: Sue Appleyard, Marion Rose


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